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Troy Lee Designs - CP5900 Chest Protector (Youth)

Looking for a top of the line chest protector that is able to deflect roost, rocks, and other debris that the track or desert might throw at you? Well check out the Troy Lee designs – CP5900 Chest Protector (adult & youth) at BTO Sports! We have all your motocross gear, parts, accessories, and apparel to get you through the year in style, and representing a lifestyle you love to live. The Troy Lee designs – CP5900 Chest Protector (youth) is designed specifically for comfort, strength, and durability. It has state of the art features that allow this motocross chest protector to do its job without being uncomfortable, or too bulky. The Troy Lee Designs CP5900 has the capabilities of being integrated with a neck brace without sacrificing fitment or comfort to provide motocross riders with maximum protection. Along with that, the Troy Lee designs – CP5900 Chest Protector (youth) provides adequate airflow to the rides upper body thanks to the vent-trak ventilation system that circulates air through channels to cool the rider off on those hotter than average ride days. The front and back plates of the Troy Lee Designs chest protector are made with a vented soft-yoke connection that allows the air to travel throughout the chest protect, while providing the rider with unprecedented comfort, and fitment.  Topping off the Troy Lee designs – CP5900 Chest Protector (youth) is the low profile design, and hinged chest plates. These two features eliminate bulk, and provide protection to the rider's ribs, chest, back and clavicle to help prevent serious injury.

Tech Detalis: 

  • NECK BRACE INTEGRATION - patent pending design is compatible with leading neck braces without compromising fit and protection
  • VENT-TRAK - circulates air through flexible channel over the skin surface to cool the rider
  • VENTED SOFT-YOKE CONNECTION - between front and back plates offers unprecedented fit and comfort
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN - eliminates bulk to fit under and over jersey
  • HINGED CHEST PLATES - provide extended rib coverage, better fit and maintains proper positioning in crash situations
  • Covers the chest, ribs, back and clavicle
  • Convenient strap locations and integrated fast-lock buckles for easy function

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